Whether you are an Academic or Professional student. We offer Academic education for a wide range of subjects from form 1 to form 6. Visit our Academics link for a list of subjects on offer and choose. We also have a variety of Professional Courses on offer, from Technical to Business courses. Follow our Professional link and choose from a wide range of courses.
Also avaialable are business courses on a face to face tuition or Online/Distance Learning
Visit our main office at:112 Mbuya Nehanda Street, Harare; or call
04-750 669/771418.
Fax: 04-771418. Visit the About us page and see our map.
Our Technical Campus is at: 26A Seke Road, Hatfield, Harare or call
04-750669, 0712402030, 0733306699




To offer a balanced, quality and relevant academic, technical and professional training indiscriminate of cultural, racial, ethnic, sex or ability background; and also to create and offer an all-associative and enabling learning environment that would churn out allround, self employable and high quality graduates that would be the country’s pride socially, economically, politically, and otherwise.



  • To become one of the most powerful colleges in Southern Africa, with an unparralled record of academic and professional Excellency



    • Honesty
    • Perseverance
    • Transparency
    • All-encompassing approach
    • Fairness
    • Commitment
    • Timeous
    • Diligency


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